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Serving THE best EDUCATIONAL SHOWs since 2015

Phase 1: Award-winning show on national television, teaching English for free to millions of TV viewers and 600,000 Youtube subscribers

We are now moving on to Phase 2, where learning should not be a passive process (just watching TV), we will provide the audience with the best learning solutions in the form of a data aggregator/habit tracking app to create a learning movement in Vietnam


V.P.R.O.M.I.S.E. stands for “Vietnamese People’s Resolution of One Million IELTS (band) Seven (7.0) or Equivalent”, a statement that signifies our commitment to help one million Vietnamese attain an advanced level of English proficiency to escape poverty and democratize education.

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New AI Development course

We are heavily focused on AI and interactive technology at the moment

Please stay tuned for our updates and enjoy our free courses on the platform, delivered by the best teachers.

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Committing to fulfill VPROMISE – Vietnamese People’s Resolution of One Million IELTS (band) Seven or Equivalent

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Integrity – Creativity

Renowned people

From all Media - Education - Technology industries

We have the best people from different industries coming together to produce the best TV shows for the people


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Dung (Vincent) Thai Vu


Andy Nova


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Enjoy the show! We will try our best to invite celebrities from different fields, recommend your favorite!

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